X Post Modern Man Jack: GenCon Cosplay Photos

GenCon, Cosplay, Portal-Cosplay

GenCon is the largest and longest running gaming convention in North America. Every August close to 200,000 geeks descend upon Indianapolis for four days of unapologetic nerdines. Anywhere there are enough nerds in one place cosplayers will be there. Check out my cosplay gallery from the convention on Modern Man Jack and a few bonus images  just for the FAS below.


GenCon, cosplay, Doctor-Who-cosplay

GenCon, Cosplayer, GenCon-Cosplay

Cosplay, GenCon, Harley-Quinn, Jayne-Cobb, GenCon-cosplay, cosplayer, cosplayers

 I was having a good day. 



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Tom Kray is a writer, gentleman adventurer, and the resident zombie expert (wherever he happens to be residing at the time). He believes in the oxford comma. He believes that terrible decisions make great stories and he could tell you a bit about both. He’s headstrong and a little daft but has a good heart and bounces when he hits the ground, which is fortunate as he does tend to trip over his own feet a lot. He has a history of applying percussive maintenance with moderate success.
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